Mobile World Congress – It’s all numbers

The Mobile World Congress showed once again the trends in mobile computing but it is doubtful that “bigger, faster, more” is what is needed.On the other hand,  HD resolution (1280 x 720) is marvelous, as this is what what users are accustomed to from HD TV screens.There might be reasons for a  5′ screen on a mobile phone (Samsung Gallaxy Note) beyond watching TV while commuting. If I was a game fanatic a Quadcore Chip (Optimus 4X HD,  1,5 GHz)certainly would improve my life.  A camera lens that allows capturing 41 MP images will certainly, say in artistic hands (these or those …. and David doing polaroid and also iphone/ipad paintings and then of cousrse the classic drawings by Colombo), let us see the world differently. Yet, that is not how the technology is communicated – it is the mere technological possibility that is advertised …. it would be so much better if the show is indeed a spectacle but with experiential and usability depth. Though I am glad to see that some predictions from the past actually came true, in particular with respect to tools that allow me to alter captured data on the spot.